When Death seems the way out…Live on

There are times in our life, when nothing, goes, as planned. You, feel only way out, is to end it all and maybe, if there is reincarnation, then come again, under Happy circumstances.

But, why such a situation comes in ones life?

Why, a man is not able to break free and not die, before his time?

Guess, the answer lies in the emotions that tie us to the pain. We, keep adjusting, thinking that, this is a small sacrifice, I need to make, for the GREATER good. Ocean is made of nothing, but drops. And, every sacrifice is a drop, that, we put in to make a Ocean of miseries.

So, to my reader, who is feeling, that, it’s time, he/she let’s go of the suffering, I just want to say:

1. Hold on. Take, a break, go for a walk, listen to your favourite songs, cry if it helps you, go fucking buy cheap clothes and eat junk, if it makes you happy.

2. Give yourself a day. Do, what really makes you happy. Don’t care for the judgements. You, are in this situation, because, you cared for the judgements. NO MORE. At, the end of the day, if you are happy, repeat the day, once a week. Start, living again for this day.

3. Develop, new relationships. These, ones you have, are turned sour. Let’s try the new ones. Who, knows your soulmate, might be just a relationship away. Live on.

In, the end, you are going to die, anyway. What’s the hurry? No, one is waiting for you there. LIVE ON…

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Why, we people feel dejected at times? Suddenly, so low,that all you feel like is taking a break, going on long drive, clear you head, dive right back in…

I feel, all the videos about, how to be calm, have all the worry out of your life…nothing actually works. Is, it because, we sometimes, feel our unfulfilled ambitions. The, emotions, we had attached to them. They, remain with us.

Guess, it’s ok to feel low. Take, a break, give your life a thought. What, you want? Is it possible to turn around and go chase your dream. If, it’s possible for you, turn around buddy. My, reader, I may not know you. But, just know, I understand you.

Else, “Zendagi Migzara”(Life goes on)

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Let’s move…

I, have always been fascinated by the travelers. People who live to travel. Off, late there are two types of travellers, The Social media ones, and the traditional ones, who I believe are the real travelers.

Recently, I met someone, who has widely travelled. So, many memories, so many places. What would a life, be, if not experienced different cultures in life. Learnt, a good lesson from my friend, if I were to enjoy the world. Here, it goes”


So, all of you, who have the means, including me, let’s travel. Let’s see different places, different cultures.

Let’s see what the world is made of. I, kind of feel more or less all of us will be similar everywhere.

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Am I…

We, all are part of politics, be it Country, office, gully, or what, the heck, even at home. Isn’t it fascinating, that, most of our lives will be spent in navigating things around us. When, will we live? Maybe, this is life??? if, so it has to change. Oh man, what I wouldn’t give to be in a place, where, I am not judged. Where, I am not told, that this is the parameter of success. This, is how successful people are supposed to be. Having,lost quite a lot in life, gained quite a lot too, I only need to decide, what will define happiness for me?

So, it’s time to live!!! I, think, I, have never been jealous of what other’s have, it’s just the way, I am. You, might have a BMW,Porsche, I love my hatchback. You, might have a villa, I just love my flat.The, peace, I enjoy, in my flat, is all I need. You, might have a Theater, I love my Netflix. We, all have have different ambitions, for ourselves. Let, nobody define what you need. They, are trying to live their lives in you. When will you live? When, will I live? I, will be living like the way, I feel i will be happy.

The Saddest word in English in “Almost”. Let’s not be one…

So, am I successful or NOT?

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Waiting to Welcome you…

The, one thing about Time, that, we all agree and accept, is that, it belongs to All and none, both at the same time. As, Carl Sagan once, put it” Human beings, desire to be the momentarily masters of this mole of dust, suspended in a Sunbeam”, is as meaningless as it is pathetic. What, are we really fighting for? When, will our thirs to own more really end?

If, I ask this to a socialist, he says, that the greed is nothing,but, the poison of Capitalism that, has been fed to the minds of people. Ask, a Capitalist, and he says, the world,now is so, because Socialists, will do anything, except being productive. This, leads to the senseless politics, wars. Will, we ever learn?.

What, are we welcoming our kids into? As, I prepare to be a father, I am forced to think, what world my child will see? If, I tell my child to accept all, then, I will be branded as liberal, will be taunted, as a coward. If, I tell my child, to know, the surnames before making friends, then I am myself, putting the seeds of poison in the young mind, that, can be anything,but, in the end may just be a biased human being. Can, I take that responsibility?

Why, so much hatred has come, in human beings towards each other? Listening to the news sometimes, I wonder, what, ethics these media people are left with? Day in, day out, they tell you to hate. Whichever, side, I listen to, I will end up hating the other. But, why I have to hate? Why, my child has to hate? Why, we have to hate?

When, all religions teach love, why, we kill each other? Will my child do the same? Will, he too rejoice, in killing of our “Supposed Enemies”? Who, defined these enemies?

Anyhow, I wait to Welcome you buddy. Don’t blame me, for the things around. Your Dad, is just a common man, trying to be your hero…I, guess that’s all that matters

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Neighbor…No One Wants

India by-large has been a peaceful country throughout it’s history. The fact that India has never raided any country signifies it’s culture and continuous effort to have peace and harmony around it. But, is India’s penchant for peace, making/projecting, it to be a weak nation and a soft target for it’s mindless neighbor’s, more so to┬áPakistan.

Formation of Pakistan in itself was one of the bloodiest events in Indian history. Not to mention the constant bleeding that India has suffered at the hands of Pakistan. One question, that, Indians are beginning to ask themselves , is whether, we will continue to suffer like this for times to come. I, feel it is this pressure only that India has begun to get aggressive and respond to each unprovoked firing by Pakistan with heavy aggression.

Not only Pakistan, but, the whole world seems to be shaken with sudden change in India’s attitude. One finds it hard to believe if it is the same country, that┬ámerely registered protests at the gruesome beheading of its soldiers. Pakistan seems to be caught totally unaware by this sudden change in India’s attitude. Many reports over the internet suggest that Pakistan army was shocked into submission, by the heavy and aggressive retaliation carried out by IA(Indian Army). In fact, Pakistan media was asked not to show losses on it’s side, as Pak army was desperately trying to save face. India seems to have realized that best way to counter Pakistan, is by continuously bleeding it the same way it has been bleeding India. India’s aggressive posture, is all the more worrisome for Pakistan, as it is fighting terrorism internally as well. The dogs that Pakistan had raised to bite India seem to be more bent on bleeding their lord’s than the neighbor, much to the disappointment of the Dog’s owner. First,indication that Pakistan had created a pit for itself camewhen terrorist aligned with Afghans and supported the merger of Baluchistan with Afghanistan, owning to the cultural similarity between Afghans and Balochs. Now, with each day Pakistan seems to be getting into the pit it created for India.

All, we need to do is keep this aggressive posture for a decade or so. By that time, it won’t be a surprise if Pakistan is divided into smaller nation and some of them wanting to align with India. Hope the day arrives and India has peace on it’s borders.


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Kahaan ja raha hoon, kuch pata nahi
Kyun bana raha hoon,jab koi apna nahi
Ab toh akelepan se hi rishta ho raha hai,
Iss rishte se qyun qatra raha hoon,kuch pata nahi…
Khuda tere dar se laut aaya hoon,
Kyun gaya tha kuch pata nahi…tere bulane par hi aate hain log yeh suna hain maine, kyun awaaz di thi tune kuch pata nahi…har azaan ki awaaz sunta hai tu,meri azaan pahuchi kya,kuch kaha nahi, yeh zindagi simat jaye bas yehi toh dua hai meri, kab qabool hogi, kuch pata nahi…

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The magic of letting go…

In last one year I have been fortunate enough to meet some very interesting people. All had something interesting to offer. But the one experience that has remained with me and will forever is the chat that I had with one Sadhu during one of my journeys.
I was on trip to Itarsi, and was standing to the train door admiring the beautiful Madhya Pradesh hills…suddenly I heard someone chanting behind me. There was this one Sadhu sitting and so in tune with the God. Finally when his chant stopped I started to have conversation with the man. To my surprise the man was a retired biology lecturer from Aligarh and given up his family some 5 years ago. Chatting with him I realized the Magic of happiness. He said during the conversation that if one is truly happy even the boring routine seems good and life offers something new in each moment. The secret behind being happy is to let go of the greed that hounds us and makes us do all the things that we wish others don’t do to us…
If one let’s go he will get what is his…Also I have seen this that part positive people are better achievers than most of us and still don’t carry the bag of guilt that we all carry most of our lives…
Hope one day I will find the peace the saint had…and wish you also find the same

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Time to move on…

Life changes itself daily and on many occasions the things that seem out of bound come within the reach. But opposite of it is also as true as this one. Today I am standing on the cross roads in life. I have a dream for the future,where I want to see myself. Only time will tell whether I will be there or not. But not putting an effort to achieve it is killing me daily. Many times I wake in the night feeling so lost and failing to understand why I am not pursuing my dreams.
          Feel like running away from all this and just be with myself and my ambition. I know once I start I won’t be able to back out since so much will be at stake.
   Does everyone feel the same?…I guess everyone dreams but not everyone makes it to the finish line. So do they also feel the sting  of not trying when they had chance. Guess I won’t be able to live with myself if I don’t give it a shot.
    Hope my efforts will have the honesty and dedication to see it through. Else its much better to end it all rather than dying daily for the rest of my life…

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Good Morning

Every one of us wakes up with certain thoughts in the morning. And,if you are working in private organization then first thing you do is to check the time….In my case I always wake up to hardly have any time…Anyway it’s morning and working day,so,keeping it short…Have a nice day ahead…Gd Morning

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